Voice Ensemble

Voice Ensemble: Week #2

Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: “seee” → higher resonance 

  • Scale: n/a 

  • Technique: Hearing harmonies a third above and below the melody 

  • Repertoire: The Blackest Crow 

  • Additional Studies: n/a 

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We did a thorough vocal warm up, repeating some of week #1’s techniques (“ming-ahhh”, jaw massage). We also started to explore warming up the higher parts of our range. Using the syllable “see” we moved stepwise up and down a 4th and brought awareness to how our voices reverberate in our bodies. 

Then we worked on the second verse of ‘The Blackest Crow.’ Learned phrasing for the melody, and then began to add lower and higher harmonies. These harmonies were designed to follow the shape of the melody. Deviations from that were to accommodate chord changes, or because the note sounded too good to pass up :) 

Assignment for next week

Work on the melody and harmony for the third verse! Then we’ll put the whole song together. 

How to Practice this at home 

Take a second to get in touch with your breath. Feel the muscles surrounding your lungs become more active. Notice any tension you might be holding in your jaw, tongue, throat, chest, back etc. and try to let it go. Stretch, massage, visualize - whatever works best for you! 

Sing through the melody and/or your harmony. See how much you can do from memory, and then check it against the recording. 

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

The Blackest Crow - Spotify - Katie Martucci

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