Voice Ensemble

Voice Ensemble: Week #1

Week #1

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Tongue and Throat relaxation 

  • Scale:  N/A 

  • Technique: Intervals (seconds and thirds)

  • Repertoire: The Blackest Crow 

  • Additional Studies: N/A 

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

Begin class with introductions. Share backgrounds (What’s your relationship with music, singing and vocal harmony? What are you looking for in this class?) Go through warmups that target throat and tongue tension. Sing major/minor seconds and thirds (going back and forth between the notes, and then holding them in harmony). Learn the melody of the Blackest Crow and then sing a pedal harmony over the first verse. 

Assignment for next week 

Memorize words and melody of first verse. 

How to Practice this at home 

Take some time to breathe and come into your body. Do a few slides and hums to warm up your voice. Sing through the song. If you’re not sure of the melody, check it against this recording (https://soundcloud.com/katie-martucci/blackest-crow).

Sing along with the recording and then sing it alone to make sure you have it memorized. 

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams 

The Blackest Crow 

The blackest crow that ever flew would surely turn to white

If ever I prove false to you bright day would turn to night

Bright day would turn to night my love the elements would mourn 

If ever I prove false to you, the seas would rage and burn

I wish my heart were made of glass, wherein you might behold 

Upon my heart your name lies wrote in letters made of gold

In letters made of gold my love, believe me when I say 

You are the one I will adore until my dying day 

As time draws near my dearest dear, you and I must part 

How little you know of the grief and woe in my poor aching heart 

Each night I suffer for your sake, you’re the girl I love so dear 

I wish that I was going with you or you were staying here

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