Voice Intermediate

Voice Intermediate: Week #2

List of Goals for the week:

  • Warm Up: Slide from G - C (scale degree 5 - scale degree 1) using “Ming-Ahh”, moving down chromatically. Major triad arpeggios, moving up chromatically (from last week).

  • Technique: Circle songs - building improvisations as a group. Continue working on breath control and pitch accuracy.

  • Repertoire: Nowhere Man (lead vocal melody)

  • Additional Studies: What are chords? How are they built?

Paragraph summary of what was covered in class

We began class with warm-ups, leading into Circle Songs, a way of developing songs together using techniques of improvising and being able to sing a repeating line while other lines are added. We went on to learn about how chords (triads) are built using the C major scale and the concept of Scale Degree; we then talked about chord progressions, focusing in on the common progressions I, IV, V (remember what this means?) and ii, V, I. Finally, we sang through the lead melody of “Nowhere Man”.

Assignment for next week

Come to class being able to comfortably sing Part 1 and 2 of “Nowhere Man”. Continue to sing along to “Paper Moon” and try to catch some of Nat King Cole’s phrasing.

How to Practice this at home

Begin with your warm-ups listed above. Remember to always relax! As counter intuitive as it sounds, the more relaxed you are, the more easily tough notes can be sung. Make sure that you are breathing properly and deliberately.

Charts + Sheet Music + Diagrams

Nowhere Man (soprano)
Chord Progressions in C Major

Paper Moon (youtube)

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