Bantam Studios Voucher Sale


Why pay $225 when you can pay less for Booze Classes?
30 Vouchers will be available, good for Winter + Spring + Fall 2019 Sessions. After purchase, we will issue you a personalized code that will allow you to register for classes.

We are releasing a limited number of vouchers (30) in the following increments:

$175 (5) limit 1 per person
$200 (25) limit 2 per person
*these limits are MANUALLY enforced. If you purchase more than one of the $175 vouchers, or more than two of the $200 vouchers your entire purchase will be refunded.

Vouchers are good for BOOZE GROUP CLASSES, are non-transferrable and cannot be refunded or exchanged for other products, services or goods. Vouchers do not cover and cannot cover any portion of rental fees.

Fall 2018 Voucher Sale
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Who can purchase a voucher?
Anyone currently enrolled in the Booze Lessons Program.

What does a voucher cover?
Vouchers cover one tuition, regardless of the price you paid for it.

Does the voucher cover rental?
The vouchers will not cover rental. When you use your personalized code to register for class, you will still have to pay for the rental instrument.

Does the voucher expire?
The voucher will be good through Fall 2019 registration, expiring at the end of October 2019.

Can I use the voucher to pay for workshops or rentals?

Are Vouchers Transferrable?

Will you offer vouchers again this school year?
We only offer vouchers after the Fall session. We will not be issuing vouchers again until the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

Vouchers Sold Out? Gift Cards are still available!

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